What Does Horses Eat? Horse Breeds

Oat GrassOat Grass

It is a herb that is extremely resistant to cold and frost, suitable for growing in cold climates such as the North, Central and Central Highlands. Oat grass has about 14-18% of total raw nutrients, 18-22% of crude protein, and especially the grass is rich in amino acids and vitamins.

Sundan grassSundan grass

An improved grass and good heat resistance. Sundan Lai has a protein content of 16-18%, a lot of sweetness, so these grass-eating cattle often grow very quickly.

Alfalfa grassalfalfa grass

Grass is suitable for most of the climatic conditions in our country. Alfalfa grass contains many amino acids, vitamins, minerals… Especially this grass contains a very high protein content of 25-33% ensuring adequate nutrition. In addition, Alfalfa grass also contains more fiber, beta carotene and pigments to help digest food easier.

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