Our Trac Horses

Please take time to introduce yourself to the equine members of our staff!  Our horses are rich in personality and talent.
Cutie is a Dark Bay Pony. Cutie participates in TRAC lessons. Despite her trim appearance in this photo, she gets pretty fuzzy in the cooler months. She is a barn favorite!Our Trac Horses

Driftwood is a Black Gelding. He is another super pony that does it all. Driftwood participates in TRAC lessons. He is best buddies with Sage.Our Trac Horses

Good Girl
Good Girl is a Chestnut Quarterhorse Mare. Good Girl participates TRAC lessons and is one of our best TRAC horses.Our Trac Horses

Frosty is a Grey Thoroughbred Gelding. His registered name is Sir Lix A Lot, which is very appropriate because licking people is his specialty. Frosty recently retired from jumping lessons but still participates in TRAC lessons. Frosty is very popular around the barn for being especially friendlyOur Trac Horses
Magic is a Chestnut Thoroughbred Gelding. He works very hard and is good at his job. Magic participates in TRAC lessons.Our Trac Horses

Pebbles is a Pinto Pony Gelding. Pebbles participates in TRAC lessons. Pebbles can do it all and do it well. He loves pretzels!Our Trac Horses

Potter is a Appendix Quarterhorse Gelding. Potter is one of the newest additions to the Carousel family. He has the most adorable face and is used in our TRAC program.

Our Trac Horses

Red is a Strawberry Roan Gelding. He used to be a calf roping pony! Red participates in our TRAC lessons.Our Trac Horses

Sage is a Bay Gelding. Sage participates in TRAC lessons. He is one of our rider’s favorites.Our Trac Horses

Splat is a Chestnut Quarterhorse Gelding. He is an amazing therapeutic horse and has a unique personality!Our Trac Horses

Tiki is a Roan Thoroughbred Mare. Tiki participates in TRAC lessons. Tiki is a beginner favorite and spends her time off hanging with her best friend Addy.Our Trac Horses

Wire is a Bay Pony. Wire participates in TRAC lessons. Wire is known for his patience especially with TRAC students and rules his field although he isn’t the biggest horse in it!Our Trac Horses
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