Bathe And Groom Your Horse

Use cleaning tools

Before bathing your horse, you should soak all brushes (brush with handle and comb) in warm water mixed with a little dishwashing liquid. Rinse brush and dry in the sun.

Brush regularly

Salt from sweat can dull horse hair and irritate the skin if the horse is not groomed regularly. Brushing helps to remove dry skin and dead hair, and evenly spreads the natural oils all over the hair.

You should do your best to polish the horse hair. If you take care of your horse regularly and long term, you will see results.

Bathe your horse only when necessary

Regular bathing your horse with soap can dry, dull your horse’s hair, and lose its natural oils. No “rules” are set for how often to bathe horses. On the other hand, be aware that bathing also helps wash away sweat or dirt. Consider bathing your horse before a show or when the hair is covered in mud.

Keep an eye on dandruff for a proper shower schedule. Bathing too often or infrequently can both cause dandruff. If not bathed well and regularly, dandruff will build up on horse hair. Conversely, bathing too much can strip away the natural oils of horse hair and lead to dandruff.

Wash off the hair after bathing

After bathing your horse, rinse your horse with water several times to get rid of the soap completely as the residue of soap can lead to dullness. Residue of soap can affect horse skin and damage the natural oils.


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